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Nothing is Nothing - Street Photography by Sam Lozano

Nothing is Nothing - Street Photography by Sam Lozano

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I’m pleased to announce “Nothing Is Nothing”, my first book project composed of street photography taken in Chicago over the last few years. The 64 images contained within are centered around themes of solipsism, isolation, and the anxiety pervading our modern world.

I've always been irresistibly drawn to the Chicago streets - the atmosphere, the architecture, but above all the people. I became obsessed with walking the streets and dropping myself into a universe filled with people & families laughing, smiling, crying, shopping, businessmen going about their daily work along with countless other acts of ordinary lives. But the deeper I looked, the more apparent it became that underneath everyone’s self-presentation was hiding a deeper sadness, something more delicate and fragile that their facades couldn't completely hide. A person (observing closely enough) can see brief glimpses through this facade directly into the previously inaccessible emotions that were hiding in plain sight. It was these moments that I set out to document and it’s my belief that capturing those unguarded expressions at the precise moment can illuminate the existential loneliness that's rooted in all of us.